Virginia, Important Web Design Tips in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic is forcing most of the Richmond, Virginia entrepreneurs to move their businesses online. This gives web designers a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and develop websites that the target audience would love. But as a Richmond web design expert, there are a few tips that you need to remember, keeping COVID-19 in mind. This would help to develop some of the best websites that are appropriate for recent times.

1. Update relevant content

It doesn’t matter whether you are updating the website’s design or creating a brand-new one; make sure you take a comprehensive look at the website’s content. Scrutinize graphics and written words to see if they are suitable for the present situation or not. Make necessary adjustments wherever possible.

For example, suppose you are updating the website of a psychologist who used to provide in-person consultations. Now, she offers the same service via video calls. You need to update the site accordingly with the appropriate time and days of her availability.

2. Be compassionate and honest

This is a sensitive time where different people are reacting differently to various posts. The nuances of your visuals and language would matter a lot because of the distressing times. You cannot discount the impact on mental health that the pandemic has brought in thousands of people’s lives. Therefore, you should review the website content and try to make it compassionate and honest.

Sometimes, call-to-action messages or sales messages look forced. Try to review the content with your client before putting it on the website. A compassionate tone would enable visitors to come back to the website again.

3. Set a specific section for customer complaints

The pandemic is creating a frenzy among customers. They now have more questions than ever. Some of the most common questions that entrepreneurs are getting include: when would your store reopen, will I get my products now that your store is closed, what are your working hours now, and will I get my money back if I cancel an appointment? It is your duty to suggest a dedicated complaint section to your client.

You can do two things here: come up with an FAQ page after running down all the questions and answers from your client. You can also build a contact form where visitors can submit their queries and let the company representatives answer them.

4. Leverage social proof

This is the time when entrepreneurs would want to show new customers in Richmond that even the lockdown and social distancing norms couldn’t stop them from providing quality products and services. They would want to fill the website with reviews and feedback from customers who ordered their products during the lockdown.

Make sure you create sections on every page where you can post the reviews sent by your client. Residents of Richmond prefer to stick to a brand with positive reviews. This means you play a vital role in showcasing the feedbacks on the website. You can create a presentation of reviews on every page to fit multiple feedbacks on a single webpage.

5. Improve SEO

There are three tricks to optimize websites with keywords that would eventually increase their traffic:

• Publish high-quality content containing target phrases and keywords.

• Optimize the backend of the website with similar keywords as the content.

• Actively pursue link opportunities to build credibility in the eyes of the target audience.

Now that you know the top five web design tips to make a website popular in Richmond in the age of COVID-19, implement them accordingly. Your clients would surely appreciate it once they see their website looking fantastic and performing well at the same time.

Finding A PS Workshop For Beginners

Would you like to become comfortable with PhotoShop? This software is used in many industries and has a wide array of applications. Learning how to use PhotoShop will give you all kinds of opportunities. It’s a great way to get ahead in your career.

Naturally, if you’re completely new to PhotoShop, you’ll want to make sure that any workshop you participate in is beginner-friendly. You should focus on finding a PS workshop for beginners so that you can master the skills that you want to learn.

A beginner class should teach you a lot of basics and give you a clear understanding of what you can do in PhotoShop. While you won’t learn more advanced techniques in a class like this, you’ll be taught skills that you’ll be able to build on in the future. Once you finish a class like this, you can work to improve your skills or sign up for a new class.

Because PhotoShop is enduringly popular, it isn’t at all difficult to find PS workshops. You can take a class at a local college or sign up for an online class! Start looking at some of the different classes available so that you can find a course that’s a good fit for someone like you.